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Fifty Shades Wine

Well blow me down, E.L.James has teamed up with a wine producer to bring us two wines named after her erotic novels. Wine features highly in the trilogy so it seems fitting that a wine would be produced in the name of the novels that smashed their way onto people’s bookshelves and kindles.

If you cast your minds back to the story, you will remember how much wine featured during the liaisons between Anastasia and Christian. Marketing experts have cottoned onto the idea that Fifty appeals to the human race and what else to get people in the mood and remind them that the story is still very much the subject on people’s lips. The wine will be on shelves throughout the US from October and with the recent news of the castings, the press release on the wine has gone down well.


E. L. James is keen to keep the trilogy in the forefront of people’s minds. Her two wines are each one of white called “White Silk” and a red named “Red Satin” These wines have been carefully produced with the trilogy and its content in mind. What better to relax a person than a lovely glass of wine and of course, wine has always had a long affiliation with romance.

So what next for the Fifty powerhouse? The marketing empire that could be borne from the trilogy is immense and the possibilities are endless. I’m surprised nothing more has been made of cable ties although as we now know, sales of cable ties sky-rocketed after the success of the first of the books. DIY stores reported a marked increase in sales of cable ties.

What about a range of bedding? Now that’s a good idea isn’t it? A full range of Fifty bed linen would go down a complete storm. Many women love bedding and again, the romance affiliation is massively marketable. E. L. James is going to come along and pinch my idea now. Maybe I should have kept that one back for me.


Then there are men’s neck ties. The marketing aspect for designers is staring them in the face. A Fifty tie would go down well with wives and girlfriends anyway who might want to turn their husbands into the fantasy that is now Christian Grey. Then there is of course the range of Anastasia goods that could go on sale. Lingerie designers should be at their sewing machines producing beautiful underwear – I cannot believe that people have not thought of this yet.


So, the wine has been launched and for those lucky US wine drinkers, you’ll soon be able to taste it. Come October, it will be on the shelves of local liquor stores. A nice accompaniment to the classical musical CD that was launched, I don’t think we’ve heard the end of the Fifty phenomenon just yet. I have a sneaky feeling that there’s a lot more to come from E.L James as companies snap up the Fifty powerhouse that sold over 70 million copies.

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