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Are you ready for the coolest fan game of the year? The FSOG Superfan Challenge is finally here. Test your knowledge of the top selling first book of the FS trilogy.

After you read the first book and hopefully before you go see the movie, take the FSOG Superfan Challenge to see how much you actually remember. The app features hundreds of questions on the first book in the trilogy. This is multiple choice with a fun twist. Whip the right answer by dragging and double tapping the hand or by tapping the pink answer bubbles. It’s just plain super fun for all you FSOG Superfans!

Compete and invite your friends to see who knows more about FSOG.

The FSOG Superfan Challenge is intended for mature audiences only.

NOTE: This unofficial FSOG Superfan Challenge is fully compliant with all copyright laws and is protected under Fair Use. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with E.L. James, Fifty Shades Limited, or Vintage Books.


Download the Game here

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