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Jamie Dornan on Cover pic

Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan admitted that like most of us, he has issues with his body. Yes, you read that correctly. The 32-year-old actor and the star of the long awaited movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is bit uncomfortable in his own skin. In order to play the character of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation Jamie Dornan had to hit the Gym. To embody Grey, the sadomasochistic businessman who seduces leading lady Anastasia Steele, Dornan had to work on his fitness routine.

Jamie in Sporty Look

The former underwear model told Interview Magazine “I don’t like my physique. Who does? I was a skinny guy growing up, and I still feel like that same skinny kid”. “I think was so much more to Christian that we covered,” Dornan said, talking about his preparations with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. “Someone who is careful to keep himself in shape, someone who spends obscene amounts of money on presenting himself.”

Jamie New PIcs

“A lot of that work was done in the gym and with costume,” he said. “We didn’t talk about particulars of the way he would move. But I’m quite awkward in a suit because I don’t have an opportunity to wear a suit very often, and this is a guy who lives in a suit — the best suit”. “But when you end up in a suit for 80% of the filming process, you become pretty comfortable with it,” he added. Earlier, Jamie Dornan told The Guardian that the hype surrounding the upcoming movie is getting out of hand. “It’s just all a bit silly the way it works. I think I could lose my mind,” he said, adding that the amount of attention he’s getting by portraying Christian Grey is “ridiculous.”

Jamie Looks Super Hot in Messy Hairs


The 32-year-old actor also told Mag interviewer, that he enjoyed playing the characters with two side. “Even Christian has two side,” he said. ‘Come to think of it, he has 50”. “ I think I’m going to be using that line all over the planet in a few months,” he added. “shouldn’t waste it”. Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan was hesitant at first to accept the role of Christian Grey for fear of being typecast. The New York Daily News said that he’s hoping to get some roles in future that don’t involve denigrating women.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

The adaptation of the erotic novel written by E.L James has become one of the most anticipated movies in recent memory and Universal Pictures is taking full advantage of the hype by scheduling the movie release a day before the Valentine’ Day next year. Fifty Shades of Grey which stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, Rita Ora as Mia Grey and hopefully the equally sexy Aaron Taylor. You can catch Dornan wearing the best tailored suits on February 13, 2015, when Fifty Shades hits the theatres. Are you excited to watch Jamie Dornan in best tailored suit on Big Screen??? If yes than please leave your comments in comments section below.


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dakota johnson at GALA

From the time when the first Fifty Shades… movie footage aired for lucky few at CinemaCon in Las Vegas there’s been worries that the movie won’t live up to the hot and saucy nature of E.L James novel. The first teaser footage left fans with little disappointment as the first scene focused more on Christian’s and Ana’s love story than their bedroom antics. The film’s star Dakota Johnson insists fan don’t need to worry though. Even though rumors have also been flying that the movie will not have all the memorable scenes from the book. We’ve yet to see trailers of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey so it’s difficult to say how Sam Taylor director of the movie will bring the bestselling novel to the big screen.

Dakota Johnson Elle Photoshoot

Dakota Johnson, the actress who stars opposite Jamie Dornan in the film walked the red carpet at a Calvin Klein event in Singapore was asked about the movie Fifty Shades. She was kind enough not to reveal too much about the movie. She did tell press on the red carpet: “Everything is a little bit secret but I can tell you that I think people will be pleased with the movie, hopefully!”  Dakota opted to elaborate on what truly drove her to accept the challenge of portraying Anastasia Steele “I’m doing this movie because I love it and I believe in the story and I believe in the books and I hope that I will do them justice”, she adds. And it sounds like whatever rating the movie gets, it will be too much for Dakota’s famous parents, Hollywood stars Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. The actress insists that “no, they won’t be watching the movie – not with my permission.”Anyway, I don’t think the movie is something that my parents would want to see!”

Dakota Johnson at Calvin Klein event in Singapore

Judging her on screen Ana from what she revealed, it sounds like the movie’s going to satisfy a lot of desires … and as though it already has satisfied Dakota. And she made it clear that disclosing too many details about the movie is a no-no.

dakota johnson

Wow, well, as much as fans have worried that Dakota Johnson was never the right casting choice for Anastasia Steele, you’ve got to respect that the actress feels so strongly about it. Sounds like she knows just how much she had to live up to and made sure to live up to it and make it believable and the flick a hit.

Jamie and Dakota

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is an upcoming romantic drama film, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by E.L. James. The movie “Fifty Shades…” is set to be released on February 13, 2015. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are playing the leading roles of Christian Greyand Anastasia Steele respectively.What do you think about what Dakota has said about the movie? Does it make you more hopeful for what’s to come?

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