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More than one guy has said it. “What is it about this Christian Grey character that has women all hot and bothered?” It is a harder question to answer than it first appears. The easy answer is that he is hot and he is rich. That would be enough. But there is more to Grey than meets the eye – hence the fifty shades – and his real appeal is in uncovering those shades. There is immense desire in being able to pull back those layers.

  1. He is constantly in control. Even the strongest of women want someone to take care of them at times. The ability to not have to make a decision – about what to wear, what to eat, what to drive – relieves stress from the strong and enables the insecure.
  2. He projects security. Christian has all the money, the cars, Charlie Tango and let’s not forget Taylor. There is nothing he does not have, want or cannot get. No matter what a woman needs, having a man that can get it for her at his whim – or hers – makes an irresistible target.
  3. He has emotional issues. Let’s face it – every woman wants her love to be the salve to heal all wounds. She wants to fix him, to feel like she has given something to him to pay back what he has given her. It feeds into the maternal instinct while stirring the loins. That’s a heady combination.
  4. He is mysterious and charismatic. A single word in the right tone sends people scurrying to his will. A single look can have them eating out of his hand. Women love a master of manipulation.
  5. He is vulnerable. That might be a contradiction from his control issues but that is what makes the vulnerability so appealing. He is strong and suddenly there is a chink in his armor. Women want to fix it.

The mix of character traits and superficial details makes Christian Grey an intriguing character. He is a splendid, spinning jewel with many facets to be explored. Diamonds, after all, are a girl’s best friend.

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