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Jamie Dornan and Kiera Knightley

For a former Calvin Klein model, who was better known between 2003 and 2005 as actress Keira Knightley’s boyfriend, life seems to have taken a pleasant turn. Jamie Dornan has created a whole new school of female fans who love pain just as much as (or maybe more or even less) as the S&M loving character he portrays on the big screen, or rather, will portray on the big screen, come 13th of February, 2015. While he was, and still sometimes, is, more recognised as the smouldering male model who posed with the likes of Eva Mendes and Kate Moss, acting, or rather being cast as Christian Grey in the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation has opened up a lot of avenues for him in Hollywood

Jamie Dornan.

Now, ‘Fifty Shades is synonymous with Jamie Dornan and vice-versa. Though, he might be too humble to acknowledge it just yet, the adulation and the love (in the strictly non-platonic way) that the female fans have started showering on him is enough to conclude that he just might have become the next big star even before the film, which catapulted him to stardom, has released. And why wouldn’t he be catapulted to instant stardom when he has shown with each passing day that he is right choice to play the dark, brooding and enigmatic Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan IFTA

Though there were some critics and fans, who were a little sceptical of him stepping into the shoes of another television heart throb, Charlie Hunnam, we are guessing none of those critics and fans were women! And now with Jamie winning big at the Irish Academy Awards this year for his role of the cold, dark, brooding, calculative and manipulative serial killer Paul Spector, in ‘The Fall’, who preys on women and leads a dual live as a family man with two children and a nurse wife, and works as a grief counsellor, he has shown that models who look like that can act too!


And not only ‘The Fall’, he has made equal contributions to other television programmes like ‘Once Upon a Time’ and now ‘New Worlds’. Whatever be the role, whether he is playing Sheriff Graham, the Huntsman, Paul Spector, Abe Goffe or Christian Grey, Jamie knows that each character has its own circumference, depth, character and eccentricities, syndromes and hence they all deserve to be treated as differently as chalk and cheese. For an actor, who wants to brandish his craft, it becomes important to understand the psyche of each and every character that he has to play and then take those elements and play with them till the right blend is achieved.

Jamie looks stunning in black and white too

If Jamie Dornan, who is all 31, and only a few films and television series old, has been able to achieve that, then he has every right to be considered the next big star, even before he plays his biggest trump card. It is often said that morning shows the day, and if there is even an ounce of truth in this expression, then Jamie’s day will be brighter, since his morning is already bright.

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Jamie Dornan

When you have been a hot as hell underwear model, and are the seductive face (and body) of Christian Grey, a pivotal character in the movie adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, your friends will definitely have some opinions and some of them are bound to be strong! With rumours doing the round that the actors and some selected crew have shot the steamy scenes in a studio, and also that the film will try to tone down the sexual content and release the film with an R rating, there are going to be some who might not be particularly interested in catching the movie. But it is also equally true that fans of the ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise will brave anything come 13th February 2015, when the film releases.

jamie dornan as christian grey

Jamie Dornan must be pretty excited playing the BDSM obsessed, self made millionaire, and come what may he will definitely catch the movie on the 13th of February 2015, but can we say the same about his friends? The 31 year old actor, who recently became a dad, told the Evening Standard, in an interview that his friends are indeed not as excited and interested to watch the play the role of the sadomasochistic entrepreneur who first seduces the naive and innocent college graduate Anastasia Steele and then falls in love with her. In fact, one of his friends even said that the role of Christian Grey is “disgusting” and he “won’t watch it”, although he first congratulated the actor on landing his first major motion picture role.


But instead of looking all red-eyed at Jamie’s friend, we should be giving him some credit for speaking his mind, which will help Jamie to stay grounded, despite all the (female) attention and adulation he is being showered with. Should you be thinking that with friends like these, who needs enemies? We don’t think so, because once you become as famous as Jamie Dornan has become in the last year or so, playing Christian Grey and for his role in television series like ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The Fall’, there is hardly anyone who would speak their mind.


But Jamie should be particularly thankful to this friend of his, because, for starters, it proves that this friend is not a fair weather friend, who would start singing praises of the actor, knowing that he has come into the contact of superstardom and celebrity hood, and also because a genuine feedback from a friend like this would help Jamie improve and get better at his craft. When you are an actor, who has recently found fame, you tend to get blinded by the glitz and the glamour of the limelight, and that is a particularly natural human phenomenon.

Christian Grey

People are vulnerable to fame and followers and money, not necessarily in that order, but if you know that back home there is someone, who knows the real you, beneath all the glamour and star quotient you have recently acquired, it has to be your friends, and the ones who help you stay rooted, should stay in your life. Jamie, you are one lucky man in this department (and other departments too)!

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